Vegan eating

Hello. Thank you for coming to my blog.

My name is blimpsgo180 (it’s right there on my birth certificate). I’m a vegan and a gamer, in that order.

I’d like to share what I’m having for lunch today:


It’s a salad with red bell pepper, cucumber, cashews, and apple cider vinegar, some carrots, and water.

I learned to be a vegan at something akin to a Buddhist retreat in North Carolina. I was formally a vegetarian. The food served at this place was already very healthy, and mostly organic. There was always a vegan option for breakfast lunch and dinner.

What surprised me at the time was that you could make food without any animal products, it would be delicious, and you’d never think about the fact that there wasn’t animal products on your plate.

Just writing that last sentence tells me how far I’ve come.  The thought of animal products on my plate makes my stomach turn into knots now.  Thinking of meat makes me especially sick… I feel gross just having written “meat”.

What veganism has done for me is made me feel better, physically. There was a time when I was a runner. I would come home from a run, and feel really good. I kind of have this feeling all the time now, thanks to diet.

T. Colin Campbell is my dietary idol. I recommend the book The China Study, in which he studies the dietary habits in different regions of China and the health benefits and consequences that result. It’s pretty amazing.

Thank you for reading.


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