I enjoy tea very much.

I used to drink black tea, but I read a book called The Green Tea Handbook, which taught me that, of the three main types of tea — green, black, and oolong — green is the most nutritious. Specifically:

– Black tea is fully fermented, and has the most caffeine and the least antioxidants
– Green tea is not fermented, and has the least caffeine and the most antioxidants.
– Oolong tea is partially fermented, and is somewhere in the middle in terms of caffeine and antioxidants.

Traditionally, green tea is enjoyed in Japan, oolong tea is enjoyed in China, and black tea is enjoyed in the U.K. and America. That being said, I live in America and can pick up all of these teas at my grocery store.

Recently, I’ve been told that another hot, tea-like beverage, yerba mate (latter word pronounced “mah-tay”) is healthier than green tea, because it has more antioxidants. It comes from a tree in the Amazon rainforest, and the Pope drinks it!

This said, I’ve checked the website of the brand of yerba mate at the grocery store, and learned that yerba mate contains carcinogens. Perhaps green tea does as well, but I read a book on green tea, and didn’t see that word.

I will stick with green tea at present.


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